I have a hidden icon/program that appears on my desktop toolbar. Whenever I select it, it reads,"Cannot find 'C:/Program Files/Instant Access/Center/Icons." I am not sure but i feel it is the reason i cannot view certain images on the internet. I cannot search on yahoo, it says the browser has sent a bad message to this server. Please, I need help.

I would be looking to try and remove spyware from the system, as that sounds suspicious. Check out the "Helping yourself" link in my sig. Should that not help, try posting a question to the Spyware forum here.

Thank you for your response, luckily i ridded myself of it just moments ago. I uninstalled my anti-virus program, reinstalled it, and after a full system scan, I used adware to rid of the program. I have learned it uses the folder: C:Program Files/istsvc./istsvc.exe. Thank you for your help.

Also: -Is there anyway that you can tell me why yahoo says this?
-I cannot view images on certain pages, it's just blank sometimes.
-I have XP, AOL 9.0, just to let you know.

And again, thank you.