I have a notebook with a bad CD reader. I have a second notebook with a good CD Reader. I swapped the Hard Drives and installed 98 just to have a basic OS on the first notebook. There are no drivers (98se) for the notebook ie: no network, modem or sound... I did manage to get a good set of video drivers installed.

How can I install XP on this notebook...
Is there a floppy boot disk that will let me install it via network?
FYI Dell is no help...

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There's definitely ways to do this but I wouldn't consider them easy nor would I attempt explaining it here. I would try doing a similar technique to what you did with 98. Install XP on the hard drive using the machine with the working CD. I think you could just swap the drive on the restart once all the files are copied and see if setup will pick up where it left off and find and install the devices. I can think of one other thing that might work but try that since the other method is going to be a little more involved. To me the easiest solution here would be to find an external CD drive and circumvent all the extra work.


Tried that and I got the blue screen of death...
Your computer has been shut down to protect it...

Method #2 would be use some program to copy the CD's to the hard drive and install from there after moving it over...?

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