Finally it seams that vista 64 ultimate are unable to reboot, restore, run in safemode or repair. So probably I have to reinstall Vista.
The symptoms that lead to that vista couldn't reboot was that it freezed. It has freezed 2 times. Each time I enable the total black screen saver that is shipped with windows.
But it can't be that could it? The second time when I tried auto repair it failed with messages like:
External media
Currently I'm using SeaTools for DOS at www.seagate.com to see if there is any Hard Drive problem. Short test passed and I'm doing long test right now.
I don't beleive there is any problem with the HD because the computer is only a few month old from factory.
I'm using SAMSUNG HM251JJ.

1. Is there a third party NTFS repair tool I could try?
2. Is there any other tool I could try?
3. If I choose to restore from an old vista backup will that remove my important files?
4. How can I reinstall vista but keeping my old files?
5. Is there anything else I could do?

At the end of the repair phase I can access the console. When inserting an USB drive and a PenDrive it automatically recognise it. Very nifty. I'm using an USB-Drive for backup.
I have a large virtual pc file. About 20-30 gig. I tried to use XCOPY to copy all files but it seam to hang when moving the large 20-30 gig file. I waited several hours until I aborted.
I'm unable to run any dos xcopy version with progress indicator. Tried 2 dos based and 1 window based. None of them was compatible. I need this to figure out if it hangs or not.

3. Does anybody know where I can find any progress indicator supported console compatible xcopy application?
4. How long does it take to copy 25 gig over USB 1?
5. How can I connect through network. I tried like. net use z: \\192.168.0.X\Shared. Vista console can't connect. But it seams that I can send report to Microsoft (no error when sent)
6. How can I see the real file size. I noticed that it show the full size even if I copy a small part of the large 20-30 gig file.

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If your files are on a separate partition other than your Vista Installation, boot up and reinstall Vista over the previous installation.

If you only have one Partition, follow the instructions in the provided link carefully to create a partition (make sure you give big enough file space):


Then move your important files to that safer partition and reinstall Vista over the old one.

Extra partition will secure your backup files as well as act as storing location in future for unwanted or important files.

Thanks for your help. I did a recursive xcopy on my user folder and other important folders. Then I ghosted back my original installation. Setting up my computer has taken several days and I'm still not finnished.

One important thing about xcopy.
You have to add a switch for that.
This painfull experince didn't copy my private appdata in my users/users/appdata folder. Sucks big time.

I hope everything went well! If you need further help, feel free to contact me...

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