Each time my computer is started up I have to reset the internet wireless properties to automatically connect and reduce the screen brightness. I would like my computer to save these setting so that I am not having to re set them each time the computer boots up. Can anyone please help.:'(

hi,i checked with XP OS, under wireless network properties, there is an option
"Preferred Networks: Automatically connect
to available networks in the order listed below:" so you tried this option already.
Have you tried to add something in this option?

Yes this is one of the settings that it keeps resetting and I have to do it each time I log on so that when or if my connection fails that it automatically reconnects. It is a pain to have to do this each time. I have another laptop, my oplder one that does not have this problem. I also just set up my moms and had no problems with hers. There is just something that is set up in the computer that is resetting my saved computer functioning options.

If you can delete your current Wireless Network settings completely and reconnect it, you should be presented with an option of "Saving the network" and "Connecting it automatically each time...". Make sure both are ticked and you should be fine!