Okay, before I tell you what the problem is, let me provide a little backround information to maybe help diagnose the problem.

Recently, my HD encountered alot of problems and it got to the point where I couldn't even boot without getting a blue error screen. The HD is a 160gb SATA Seagate with windows XP media center sp2 installed.

Now, because I was encountering problems, I needed to run chkdsk /r in order to maybe save my hard drive. I tried to boot from the CD but it simply would not worked. I changed the boot sequence and everything.

So I hooked up an old 40 gig IDE HD with millenium installed in hopes to install XP, clear it out, then hook up my failing hard drive and run the chkdsk from there.

Because it was IDE, I only have one IDE slot on my motherboard, so I had to sacrifice my DVD rom drive in order to hook the HD up. I unplugged my SATA hard drive completely.

Here is the way it is current configured:

Cd-Rom on one end of the ribbon, HD in the middle of the ribbon, and the other end attaching to the motherboard.

Now, I was told the problem could be the way the jumpers were configured. Here are the configurations I have tried

CD Rom set to Master, HD set to slave.(recognized drive as removeable A)

Cd Rom set to slave, HD set to master.(nothing)

Cd rom set to cs, HD set to cs.(nothing)

Cd rom set to cs, HD set to slave(removeable A)

So I checked the event log and there tons of errors today involving PATA-1 and PATA-0, which is what my current HD and CD rom are hooked up to. They are marked as SMART error PRI. PATA-1 or PATA-0.

When I press f12 and select boot from cd, it simply says No Boot Device available.

Yes, I have changed the boot sequence accordingly many many times but I simply cannot find a reason why this isn't working.

Any help would be greatly aprecciated.

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What disk are you using to boot from?
What errors were showing on the SATA drive?
Make and model of computer?
When you check the event log, what OS is booting? Which HD?

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