I have a hp pavilion 250y and recently I cannot install a new printer. This was merely an incovenience when I simply could not install the printer that is installed on another computer to network on the defective computer. I even tried the installation software with no luck. Now it's even a bigger problem because the printer that has been installed on the defective computer broke and I cannot install a new one. I get error messages like I have been denied access to install the driver or it does not recognize the software I am installing. Can anyone help? Incidentally I am running Windows XP home.


You know the printer works. You know the cord works. So it must be a problem with the computer's hardware or software. To solve this mystery, try the following 3 suggestions. If you get stuck or lost, just post back and someone will answer.

I would 1st check your device manager for any issues...

Right click My Computer >> Manage >> (left pane) Device Manager >> (right pane)…

Look for any Yellow Exclamation marks on any of the devices. Pay particular attention to the applicable area based on the method used to connect your printer.

Parallel Connection: "Ports (COM & LPT)"
USB Connection: "Universal Serial Bus Controllers"

Find the printer, right click and view the properties. What does it say as the "status"? Is the printer even there?

Disconnect the printer. Uninstall & remove all drivers for the printer. Reboot. Insert the software and run through the installation. Power down your PC. Plug the printer in, and boot up. Work? Go back to the device manager and see what the status is.

Reboot the computer. As it begins to reboot, but before you see any Windows splash screens, continually press either Delete or F2 (it's deferent for each computer). Just alternate to each one every other second. (You don't have to tap them like a woodpecker) You should enter what is called BIOS.

See if you can locate anything resembling, again where applicable, USB or COM Port connections. You may find out that the device is having problems. (which is obvious) But you may be able to fix them here. Could be a matter of just enabling a setting.

We can go beyond these suggestions, however, I want to wait to see the outcome of the fore mentioned solutions.


I will try this but I suspect it is some other problem because I cannot install any new printer and the computer won't recognize the printers that I have networked, whereas the other two computers in the home network do recognize these printers. I'll try your suggestion and let you know the outcome all the same. Thanks.

I tried what you advised but the printer still would not install. The new hardware is recognized, the wizard comes up, but then I get an error message that states "An error occurred during the installation of the device. Access is denied" I tried installing another printer where I have the actual CD for the driver and I have a similar experience.