Having puchased new computer, I gave 3 year old other computer to my wife.
Installed new program [multipedia] ok and rebooted as requested. From then on after booting it requested the win 98se coa I.D., which unfortunately I have lost. I have contacted the supplier for the I.D. but no luck.
I have another 98 disc with coa I.D but attemps to load have all failed. Do I have to format the H.D. I have a set up floppy from the original 98se.
The following may help.
If I insert c:\Windows\win.com I get the following;
invalid VxD dynamic link call from CDUDF[03] + 000002EB to device "048B"
service 1
here's hoping

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My guess is that you have two different 98's...
If you cant find the number then it would be easiest and quickest to install from the other disc.
98 will not look to see if another computer is using the same serial number like XP does so it will not be a problem.

Keep the other disc around just in case you run across the number...

FYI, I always write serial numbers on the discs with a permenant marker.

It has saved me countless hours searching through jacket covers and drawers of documentation


That will only work if he can get into the system...

He could use one of the linux live cd's to go in and locate it...
but if he does not have one handy.... or a bookstore with knoppix hacks (has live cd)
Moving to linux (has live cd) and others like point and click linux have live cd's
A $30 book with an OS that runs in ram and can recover Windows files...
He could also download a live cd for free if he has broadband...

He does not seem to be concerned about formatting the drive and installing from the other CD....


Cannot get into Windows, so cannot retrieve the product I.D. Only thing left is a reformat of th H.D. After formatting, must I load drivers for motherboard,cd
rom etc or will these be on a win 2000 disc that I hope to install.


Keep in mind that with one product key, you're only licensed to run Windows 98 on one system. Even if you can pull the product key off of one system, you shouldn't use it on another.

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