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could be graphics/flash issues.. could be browser issues.. could be an
overburdened under-resourced machine... could be out of resources due to
spyware or malware...

we all need some more info to go on here..

the specs of your rig.. what processes are running.. what applications, what browser.?
when was the last time you virus scanned or checked for spyware?
Is this a recent occurance? What webbrowser do you use? etc..

sorry for all of the questions but when i left the super friends back in the 80's
my esp burned out so i kinda have to ask..


It seems to me like there is no hardware acceleration for your video card. Make sure you're using the latest version of video card drivers.


Since I just answered a video card question for you. I would think it is starting to be a driver problem or video card is going bad it happens but, not a everyday thing. Are you still under warrenty with HP? If so I might be time for you to send her back for a repair.

Hello I keep getting waves when I scroll up or down on the screen it takes forever to to both someone help plz THANK YOU IN ADVANCE

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