I have two pc Win XP & Win vista. They can not log on to each other even though I typed the correct username & password. Then I asked the google, they told me to create the same user account on each, so I can log on to each other. Afterthat I changed password on the Win XP, Win vista could not log on to Win XP, so I desided to change password the same before, but Win vista still can not log on to Win XP. Please help me to solve this thread :(

I can not sleep of it:yawn:

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Are you using Remote Desktop?
How do you try to login? Your explanations are vague. Please elaborate more

No I usee it to share file. First of all I click Start > Run > type \\PC name
then it appear the Log In dialogue box to give us to fill the Username and Password, but even I type correctly the Username and Password, it still not log in to each other.

Note The uername and password that I used to log in to each other are account administrator. When PC start up, I use the account administrator too, and it can log in.


Vista is improved version of windows-XP. During installation we should use 2gb ram and at least 120gb hard disk.



You might want to check that both Vista and XP are allowing file sharing.

Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Turn on File Sharing

Win XP
Windows Firewall > Exceptions > Check file sharing is allowed

Note: If you have any internet security packages such as Norton. Then you will probably need to change settings there aswell.

Good Luck :cool:

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