I tried to install linux on my system and without knowing I formatted my disk on which i had installed Vista Ultimate. After realizing that i made a clean installation of vista ultimate on the disk one partition there is no other. After the installation was finished i tried to had no internet. My computer has a wireless network adapter preinstalled but i had no internet althought i saw under device manager that the drivers are installed but it seems that they are not used. I downloaded a program which finds which drivers need to be updated found the nerwork drivers, downloaded them from another second PC installed them at the first after having unistalled the old from devince manager but again althought it installed them and the system said they are ready to use again it can'T find the adapter and the router to access internet I don't know what to do, drivers installed but it can'T find the machine
please help

thanks in advance

if you goto control panel network connections is the wireless card listed? goto start run type cmd then ipconfig is there a number that looks like 192.168 something?