I dont have EXACT duplication of what is mentioned however, I am wondering if anyone can shed light on these 2 things ..

1) AT times some of my system may freeze ., upon doing shift ctl break, I bring up task manager & get an error to the effect that terminating a program may cause system instability??>

2) Sometimes when I close programs or on shutdown I get a REFERENCED MEMORY could not be read....

I dont know if the two are related and yes I am a NOVICE, any input is greatly appreciated and I do maintain in terms of de frag & cleaning cache.


Often a device driver not behaving properly causes this sort of thing.

Do deal with it, we'd to know full details of your system and exactly what happened and full error messages.

hi try to use this software from this site, http://www.memtest.org/ .. it's a memory checker.. don't know if it works or not haven't used.. or try to change the memory..borrow from a friend..check for any difference..

Can you expand on this a bit more, I am not savay enough to know how to change memory, on the program ., link you mentioned, which one do i pick? are both items mentioned in the thread related>?

With a rep power of 5 you should be able to cope!

Do a memtest as per cguan_77. Swapping RAM can wait until Memtest has reported. I doubt there's a problem there.

My guess is that the 2 errors are down to the same cause. Memtest will give the all clear to RAM (or not); if RAM's OK then my original suggestion of an interfering driver or application stands.

I recommend the USB stick version; you'd change the BIOS setting at boot time to look first at the USB stick onto which you unpack the download.

Again, I ask you for your full PC configuration and what applications you would have running always (like Outlook, IIS, SQL Server, whatever)

Hi djm, memtest is to check whether your RAM or memory stick is the culprit

so if memtest is ok, just as Suspishio said it will clear the doubt that your RAM stick is okay..

the swapping of memory stick that I suggested, if you don't want to do a memtest check, then just change the whole memory stick with another. then try to check whether it eliminate your problem or not..

or else

follow the suggestion of Susphio..it might be a software issue