Hello everybody,

It seems like Microsoft has been making a lot of new tools to make security on your computer better. One of these is the anitspyware application that removes spyware. Do you think Microsoft will be coming out with their own virus protection software? I think that would be a great tool to get with windows, what do you think?

I think anyone who makes an operating system that requires all these tools for protection and security has no business making tools that help aid in protection and security.

*flips a nickle*

Yeah they probably should have been doing all of this from the start.

well MS has its supporters and its hater's. Im neither. Im proud the Mr. Gates has come far.. I would love to be him.. But if i were id talk to my developer's and my staff that the software released should be more secure.. also a bit cheaper considering its sold in soem bulk, also if they cared about user's these problems would never exist.. also to every one who complains... if these problems didnt exist, many of you wouldnt have jobs now would you?