I would like to be able to run some Windows programs on my newly built BeOS machine. I tried to download one app called Wine for BeOS but it seems to be somewhat unfinished. Are there any other Wine=like apps out there?

BTW, we need a "other OSes" forum here.

Bochs, perhaps?

I've used Bochs under Linux with varying degrees of success (it's a little slow). But, if there's not a suitable Wine solution for you, then Bochs would be your next hope.

Just out of curiosity: is it personal choice, or some kind of need keeping you on BeOS? It's a really neat OS, but with such little support now a days, I don't think I personally could use it and be productive.

I like the Be, when it first launched I grabbed a distro fast! Was fun fooling my ISP into thinking that it was a win box they were serving up, at that time and evern today, (4 or 5 years later? ) , ISP is still windows hardcorped but things change.
I just grabbed the Z BeOS and am gonna install and run it on my lappy to see if I can sneak past the Microsoft sniffers on my ISP, is no foul or harm done as I have permission from the senior IT.
That is a rule that we still hold to, no code will be compromised unless it is Open Source and or under the GNU lisence code. After that is Free Willy time!
The Solaris also caught my eye, again looks like alotta potential for good growth with that one, Mozilla was a blast to work on, and still is.