Recently installed new system board into an e machine. Windows balloon comes up and tells me I have 30 days to activate windows and when I click on the balloon it tells me windows is activated but it will not load my desk top it keeps bouncing back and forth from activating windows and then loading. Any suggestions???? Thanks! Melissa :lol:

xp usually needs to be reinstall when you add a new motherboard !
You may be able to get away with a repair install .

before you do aything back up all your files and take notes on things you have and may want to replace, incase you get frustrated and forget. Im also sure you can get away with a repair. I did in windows 2000 etc. If worst comes to worse just reinstall. Or go linux, Redhat has RPM similar to Windows. Good luck!.

Silly question:

Are you connected to the Internet when you try this? You do need to be if you plan to activate online... That's the same behavior I got when I tried to activate XP before adding in all of my network information (Gateway, IP Address, DNS servers, etc)