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Active X is how web sites and others put programs on your computer without you knowing it. There are some risks you will get infected with spyware. There is good active x programs as well. I would suggest setting up your firewall so it prompts you to ask if you want to run the program or not. Its pretty much up to you. If you go to do a online anti virus scan it will install active x. You may go do a scan. If it runs ok leave things alone. If not you may want to consider other options. Its up to you. Best of luck.....


well can I install activeX for only one program? or is it like if you install it for one program, its basically installed for anything?


First try this. Go to a website and run a free virus scan. If it works ok your fine. There may be a small bar at the top of your web browser that says windows has blocked this program from installing. I suggest house call. http://housecall.trendmicro.com/. www.webopedia.com will give you a better explation of active x. Its free. Do the virus scan first. See if it runs ok. Then take it from there...........

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