I have Vista 32 Ultimate with Outlook 2007 w/Outlook connector. I have 2 Windows Live email accounts. I was able to synchronize both accounts with no problems up till a few days ago. Now Outlook will not download any of my Windows Live email. I have repared the Office Install, Reinstall Outlook Connector, Deleted and readdedthe subject accounts, Turned off Defender and Windows Firewall still no help. Any ideas?

Please turn back on your windows firewall & defender. i don't think outlook express still is compatible with hotmail accounts. So you may have to install the windows live mail client. Its similar to outlook.

I've had a similar problem with the connector. I cannot get the connection to link. Outlook keeps asking me to log in and I do and the connector just stops. WHen I use the same id/pw to login to Windows LIve I get in just fine. I've tried looking at a number of support sites but no resolution yet.

I believe MS has made it so you need to pay a subscription to use the outlook connector with windows live. :(

there may be some version that requires a subscription but if you're using Outlook2007 you do not. I think that was a previous or older version.

I ended up reimplementing Vista without all the vendor add ins that came from the mfger. All works like a champ now. I"m thinking most of all these problems we fight with are simply vendor hooks to keep us on in their circle. Getting back to the base installation is nearly impossible to do though. Can't Microsoft work with pc manufacturers to make sure that the configurations they sell minimize conflicts that cause all of us lost hours and unproductive time?

Maybe your hotmail is no longer recognizing your IP address?