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Everyone knows that Vista is slow. I though it was because of the Aero. I may be wrong however. If that's true, shouldn't Home Basic not be slow? Or should I try to get Best Buy to downgrade to Windows XP Home?

Vista isn't slow. I've got Aero and most of the time when you're doing stuff, Aero's doing nothing. Anti-Virus does stuff - I'm looking at Task Manager now and the basic Windows load that I perceive is no more than 3% (Taskmgr.exe).

It'll be higher deoending on what anti-virus software you use; I use McAfee. Also what external device drivers you've got loaded that are polling for an attached device.

Perhaps you could look at Task Manager and tell us what's using the CPU when you're doing nothing - just looking at it. Incidentally, moving the mouse around whacks up the CPU load on Vista as with XP.

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Thanks. I just got the laptop and I have Google Gadgets, Notepad and Google Chrome up and it's at 6%-8%.

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vista uses a lot more memory than xp so just make sure you have enough ram (1.5GB+), otherwise your laptop will feel slow.

rather than use a lot of memory, Vista takes advantage of unused memory to cache frequently used dlls and functions. This actually speeds Vista up. WHen a real program loads, the least used cached items are purged to make room for the program.

rezert didn't actually point to anything slowing him down. He just said that "everybody knows Vista is slow".

He lists three applications he has running. What I ask Rezert to do is to report what Task Manager/Processes (sorted on CPU column) says - which processes are running using what CPU.