I took the plunge an upgraded from word 97 to word 2007 and beginning to wish I had not.

I have 2 computers both running Vista Business and loaded with Office 2007 Home and Student edition which does not include Outlook. Windows Mail is my default email programme. The ‘email as an attachment’ command works ok but the ‘send to email recipient’ command appeared greyed out on both machines.

After a bit of ‘googling’ I came across a messaging_registry.reg file from http://officetoolsdown.googlepages.com/messaging_registry.reg.

I downloaded this and after that I was able to use the ‘send to email recipient’ command on one computer but it still did not work on the other computer, my laptop.

I compared the registry settings on the 2 computers:- HKEY-LOCAL-MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ windows messaging subsystem registry key. They are identical.

I previously had an ‘office 2007’ trial edition loaded on the laptop [the computer in which the command continues to be greyed out] which I removed after the 60 day trial was over as it was too expensive to purchase this way. Could there be some remnant of this programme kicking around that is causing this?

I am completely baffled, does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can get this command to work?

There could be a remnant if you didn't remove it via the Programs & Features function of Control Panel. But I'm sure you did it properly. But you can check the registry for remnants or the Office12 file in Program Files.

I had a trial version on my Qosmio and I loaded up the Small Business Edition and wondered why it said "Trial Version" at the top. So Office 2007 hadn't been removed by the install. So I removed it by Programs and Features.

If that's not your case, I hope the other brainios here can help you. There's something in the Registry that'll need fixing.

I did remove small business edition bt Programs and features before I loaded the new edition. I am sure you are right there is a registry fix somewhere I just hope someone comes up with it.

A solution - As the brainos failed to come up with something, I contacted Microsoft technical support and they sent me a file to add to the registry - it all works now.