Morning to all I need help on adding a new hard drive to a windows 2003 server. The hard drive shows in the bios and not in my computers. Currently there is a local drive and cd-rom connected plus a floppy disk drive. Any ideas as to why the new drive does not appear on my computer?

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only thing i can say is make sure you have the master /slave settings correct on both drive on eack cable .
If you have the 2 drives on the primary cable then the old one will need to be master with slave ,and the new drive set slave ! if you have the local drive and the cdrom on the primary then you master the new on the secondary ,also make sure the new drive is partitioned and formated .if it not it will show in the bios but not in mycomputer .;EN-US;q255867


I would go into the Disk Management (part of compuer management), and take a look to see if the new drive is formatted, or if you need to do a security function (take ownership, re-assign rights) to the drive's existing information.

You may need to partition the drive, and then format it. I suggest that you do not do quick formats, and that you use ntfs.


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