I have this problem installing some programs like Accord CD ripper and usually any program like a converter from one format to another.
Half way through the installation an alert will come up saying that there is a conflict like another program is using some elements and cannot change.
Is there someway around this problem due I wish to test out some programs but don't want to uninstall any other similar programs just to test the odd one.
I am running Vista Home premium.
Any sort of help would be greatly appreciated.
Many tks in advance

It probably is a problem with a file being used for the installation while you are trying to run the installer. Make sure to only install one program at one time and close all other applications when installing. You may also want to run the installer in Administrator mode (if you have these privileges, if not ask your system administrator). This can be done by right clicking on the installer program and clicking Run As Administrator... and then clicking allow when prompted by the UAC.

Many thanks your reply Flashcreations.
I install programs in Admin. mode and have UAC turned off.
I must say that some programs install while others don't.
Seems a bit weird.

Anyway tks again and will keep working on it.

Best regards

some programs might not be compatible with your OS.. like those old apps for win 98 or me may not be compatible with the newer OS..

or some apps are programmed to work on XP and may work with other OS but might be having some problem... make sure that the program you installed is designed to work with your OS...

Yes I think you are right cguan some of the programs are xp and there lies the problem.
Many thanks your comments.