i beleive i have a problem with a virus or spyware or malware..
on my toolbar it is showing a gold shield with black diagonal lines through it...saying so many viruses detected..and credit card info is at risk and so on......
does anyone know what this is...and if so can you please help me get rid of this....i am also running spysweeper and have nortons antivirus...spysweeper completed scan and i quarantined issues
but the sheild is still there...i went into control panel to remove programs and the shield is not there...but on all programs from my start up window the sheild is there...can someone please help me
thank you

Download malwarebytes antimalware and run a scan. That software does a really good job at removing those XP Antivirus 2009 type nasties.

Will need a little more info could you tell us what OS you are using? Have you checked the startup folder to see if there are any programs there?

i am running windows xp,
on my startup menu all i have seen was that this shield was in all programs..have not seen it anywhere else