I have set up two email account in Outlook but cannot figure out how to switch between accounts. In Outlook Express I just switch between account. Can I do the same in Outllok??

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When do you want to switch when you are sending a message in the new message window there should be a drop down box that say's account under the send button. for recieve you can both goto 1 inbox or their own seperate


I would like to have two separate email screens, like I had in outlook Express. When I am in one inbox I don't know how to get to the other. Also I need to have two separate address books.




I have '07 installed but you need to create a new outlook data file for the 2nd account also called a .pst file. Close outlook Goto control panel -> mail is there 2 email's listed? If so select the second email and click change folder here you can create a new outlook data file for that email which will create a separate inbox, outbox, calendar and address book for that email. Now go back in outlook you should have 2 calendars and 2 contacts to choose from

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