I am working on my dads computer he is running windows 98se. After downloading an update for internet explorer6 he has had a problem getting on some websites. He can not get on windows update he gets an error that say "explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close". We have tried to use the explorer repair tool to repair explorer but we get an error that says " error in setup missing wbv.dll missing entry IE6 maintanence 6.0". So we decide to unistall IE6 and try to reinstall but we cannot uninstall it because we get the same error as we get when we use repair tool. After reading post on here we were going to try they IEFix but we cannot download the VB6 runtimes because his computer will not stay on a microsoft website to download anything. We can read about problems on microsoft and how to fix them but if you go to a page with anything to download you get the error that says "explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close". We do not know any other way to try to correct this. We cannot access any part of microsoft that has any downloads. He also cannot print anything from email in outlook express and his tab key won't work. We have been on the microsoft fourm and nobody has given us a fix yet. It cannot be repaired, it cannot be updated, it won't download anything from microsoft and it won't uninstall what do we have to do to fix this. I have looked for the wbv.dll file on the internet with no luck. Somebody, somewhere has to have fix for this. We have checked for spyware, trojans and virus and have found none.

Here may be an idea. If ie will not work try another browser. Opera,firefox,there are allot of choices. That may help you until you can figure out whats wrong wit ie.