Im having some difficulties with my wireless network's connectivity. When I boot up my laptop (it uses XP), it attempts to connect to our wireless LynkSys Broadband Router. After it does, it gives the following status:

"Limited or no connectivity."

Upon using the repair option, the computer explains that the network connection cannot be repaired because the following action cannot be completed:

"Renewing ISP address"

I'd really appreciate anyone's response to my problem who thinks they can help.

You can contact me on my MSN messenger account (trashcanno1@hotmail.com) if you'd be so kind as to help me through this (It's really a pain in the @$$)
-Thanks to anyone who takes this request up

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ok, when it gives you the limited access, right click the icon, and say what IP address it has in there, you are running dhcp on the router yea? throgh lan can you connect to the internweb?

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