undefinedundefinedundefined :o Hello I am lost here Just joined!! Have a question about drivers in Windows XP where do I need to go? :o Oh well,I accidently deleted a driver and now can't load certain programs -like Incredimail Thanks for any advice vanilla

Probably the easiest way to recover is to go back to a known good configuration setting. XP has this feature and you will find instructions here:

Thank you so much for answering! I am a bone head! A friend put on Windows XP AFTER I deleted that driver and evidently he disabled it or something,I know I am in a mess but when you let "JakeLegs"{expression for people who think they know it all} work on your puter because it's free,well guess I deserve what he did. Now,Is there anything at all i can do to fix this problem?Will Windows UpDates eventually add that driver? If I can figure out how he disabled it,when I sign on a sign comes up sayin so and so is disabled. Am I making sense? Windows was downloading updates and a sign came up asking if I wanted to delete the old and I clicked yes and then aol kicked me off and no update and driver was deleted! I signed right back on but TOO Late! Vanilla

Well there's a couple of things you could try (If I correctly understand your problem).

1st - If an error msg is coming up telling you "xxx" is disabled, then make a note of it. That's giving you specifics you need to solve the problem. Then try going to the SYSTEMS - DEVICE MANAGER in you Control Panel. Look down the list carefully. If you see any yellow or red icons on any entries, expand them and open the specific item. You should know that from this list in the device manager, you can check the operational status of every device in your PC by simply expanding the "+" sign and selecting items one at a time. If you see any colored symbols like an exclamination point, it's saying something's wrong. If you have disabled a driver for instance, it will tell you so and assist you in enabling (or downloading another replacement).

2- You should also go to windows update and scan your PC's operating system to assure you have all the latest downloads. Just click on the "Scan" Icon and it does the rest. On the left side bar, after the scan is completed, you will see a list of "Critical updates", "XP" updates, and "Driver updates". If there are any available, they will be in ( ) following these titles. Click on them to see what they are and if you want to download them. Do download any critical or driver updates.

good answers, thanks forumfriends!!

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