Everytime I try to restart my computer from the start menu I always get the windows screen saying underneath..."windows shutting down" and it just stays there. When I reboot or turn computer on I always get the screen that has 1. normal 2. boot.txt? 3. safe mode....ect. Then it counts down and goes into normal mode. I have no idea what is causing this, I have checked a few other post on here with similar problems and can't seem to pinpoint my problem. Any help would be appreciated !!


I did this already did this but when I opened it instead of saving it to my computer....would that matter? As of now it is still doing it :sad: Let me know if I need to save it somewhere on my puter.

Thank You,
Heidi ;)

That last post wasn't too clear; at that site did you select Open or Save?

If you selected Save, try it again and select Open.

If you did select Open, what happened when you did?

Sorry for the terrible speaking.....lol. I opened it from it's location I didn't save........what do you mean by what happened?....nothing popped up or said anything, I did reboot after opening it but it is still doing it.


Okay, try the Save option then -- pay attention to where it is saved to -- then go to that saved location and see if you can open it from there. Here are some additional instructions from MS:

If you save this file or program to disk, you can run it later. This allows you to take precautions, such as the following, before you open the file or run the program:

Save your work and close other programs.
Disconnect from the Internet or any other network connections.

I'm signing off for now so I won't be checking this for awhile, but someone else may pop in to help if this still doesn't work. Good luck :)

OK will do, :p thanks for the advice I'll post to let you know what happens

Heidi :)

Well still no luck , I saved it and closed everything down and opened it and then rebooted and it's still doing it....any other suggestions??

Heidi ;-)

No not using either of those, I'm on AOL if that has anything to do with it.......i look at the link......THANK YOU!!

No not using either of those, I'm on AOL if that has anything to do with it.......i look at the link......THANK YOU!!

I haven't found any problems with AOL itself, just AIM.

somewhere in w98 there is an option to disable the boot up screen. try "run -> msconfig" and search for it.

this link is helpfull boot up screen

otherwise its somewhere in your properties of "my computer"

good luck