Hi guys. My Acer Power has a thing called LANScope Agent. This has locked me out of my CD drive and USB ports, and it won't let me alter the settings to allow the use. I have seen similar threads that say to uninstall it, but there is no Remove tab in 'Add/remove Programs'. Any ideas

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hi never heard of you program ,but try looking in its install folder in c:\program files and look for a uninstall file.
also check services and see if it runs as a service ,if so double click it and disable it . type this[services.msc] into run to get to services if you don't know another way

Tried searching for it as a service - no joy. It's in Control Panel/Programs but there is no uninstall tab.
Can't find it in the C/Program Files either. The only Acer folder is for WLAN 11g USB dongle, but I'm loathe to delete this as I have no idea what it does lol

ok, try ccleaner to see if a uninstall shows for it .get www.ccleaner.com and run it ,go to tools section and it will show programs to unstall maybe something will show there .
note , when installing ccleaner uncheck the update and google tool bar install . you could also use ccleaner to uninstall temp files and other trash ,and the registry cleaner is good also ,i use it all the time ,safely on my own and many others computers

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