I am setting up ACT Customer Relations software on the server and I want everyone else in my office and in the field to be able to access the program and be able to sync back to the main database file on my server. To be honest it likes a huge headache, My people are not computer savy and might have a problem with this. After I get this set up is this something that they will be able to sync easily or is it a problem? I noticed on my server it wants me to set the default database file and then eveyone access to the data base file through the internet or FTP. I guess my whole issue is with the security end of this. ACT wants me to disable my firewall and antivirus, set admin access for users, set the IP address for my server and the default gateway to the database file for ACT to sync with over the internet. The field users will be using WiFi and sync back to our server via the internet. Without a secure connection between my server and the user at the WiFi spot connecting directly to my server IP does this not sound like an accident waiting to happen? I am also going to set up Quickbooks for everyone to use, would this be a better option and just use layered security and user restrictions? Is there really a huge advantage to using ACT and Quickbooks or am I just using two programs that can pretty much do the same thing.

Your thoughts and commets would be huge help, thanks in advance to everyone.

Quickbooks and act! are 2 differnent programs. Why don't you put act! on the server share the database in house over the network and have the users offsite remote desktop into the server to use act!