I am trying to follow MS advice on how to fix a 'ntfs.sys is missing or corrupted. I get into the repair console fine. I tell it the c: drive (where windows is installed) but once in there, i cannot acces the cd-rom to copy the fresh ntfs.sys file i have tried cd d:\ e:\ f:\ g:\ h:\ every one of them say no floppy or cd is present. how do i access the cd rom??


The Recovery Console has some restrictions applied by default. It will not let you acess filesin My Documents or on a removable drive ; you need to do a couple of things:
Save this as a .reg file on your desktop and run it:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Setup\RecoveryConsole

Start RC from your disk, then make these commands at the prompt:
set allowallpaths = true
set AllowRemovableMedia = true
set AllowWildCards = true
[set NoCopyPrompt = true]

And see what you can do.

I cannot get into the deskotp in order to add that reg file, while trying to boot the computer i get a 'ntfs.sys is missing or corrupted. I am just trying to access the cdrom (that i booted the win xp setup disk from) so i can pull a good ntfs.sys but it wont let me access the cd-rom. but it booted off it? I don't get it..

Yeah.. it was not very thoughtful of M$ to place that restriction [for security?] in the RC.
RC will not work with removable drives [once it is the OS] without that reg change. Unfortunately you have to do it before you need to use the console.
You will have to install an OS into another partition or onto another drive and use that to copy in your file, else slave the drive and do it..

so the cd-rom is considered a removable drive? when it booted of that very same cdrom and there is the windows xp cd in there?

When you install the RC at the beginning the sys is under the control of Windows Setup, and it happily recognises your cdrom. Once the RC is installed the sys is under its control, and it will not recognise removable drives [your cdrom]. It is supposed to be for security.. it is truly regrettable.
Look, go into RC and try using those SET commands I gave you... the restriction may have been removed in later disk versions...