Hello All,

I was having Windows XP Professional SP1 which got updated to SP2 when i agreed to the update querry without realising what it is going to update.

THe problem is that now i dont have calculator in the Start-Program-Accessories- which was earlier there.I am not sure that this happened due to SP2 but since i changed nothing in my computer this seems to be the reason.
Please tell me how can i get the calculator back... it was very handy.

Second there was one nice thing to record sound in my laptop in the Start-program-accessories-entertainment ...this one is missing as well.

Thanks for the help

go to start /run type in calc.exe ,see if you calculator still works ,
sooy i don't know what you were using to record unless it was just the windows recorder,in that case type this ,sndrec32.exe into run and see if its still installed .
If they are installed and working come back and i will show you how to put them back in accessories .

If they are not still installed go to control panel ,add and remove programs and on the left side add.remove windows components ,click it open accessories and utilitys ,details /accessories, click details again and check to install calculator .if its install check to uninstall ok you wat back out then go back in and reinstall it .
I looked around in there and can't see the recorder install

Thanks caperjack,

I did as you suggested.The sound recorder was simple windows recorder.Both calc.exe and sndrec.exe were not there and when i tried installing them through Control panel-add/remove program/windows accessories it asked me to insert the XP accessories cd.I dont have that CD with me.

My laptop is IBM THINKPAD T41 which i got from my employer and the OS was factory installed and so i dont have any CD with me.Since i am in foreign country i cant go to the System Admin of my company.

Is there somewhere else where i can get those .exe files ??

Thanks once again.

yeah you need a CD for sure !
so neither one worked when you typed it into Start/Run .

I'd say you will too. I've only seen this behaviour reported once before, and it had to be reinstalled from the CD to replace the Calculator.

Hi All,

I managed to get the calc.exe from one of my colleagues and put it back into the c:/windows/system32 and now i can get calculator fro start-run-calc.But when i tried installing it through add/remove accessories when it asked for calc.exe i pointed it to the newly pasted one but it doesn't accepts it says that it need only CD for some calc.chm file.

I did the same with sndrec32.exe and from start-run-sndrec32.exe i can get the sound recorder. I found that there is one more sndrec32.exe in
c:/windows/servicepack/i386 ..dont know why it is there as well.

Can something to be done to get the calc in accessories drop down list ...though for the time being i can use it through start-run-calc.

Thanks for your replies...

go the calc.exe in you system foler and right click it and copy ,then go to the documents ans settings folder on you c:\ drive open your user name or all users ,open start menu folder open programs folder ,open accessories and right click and paste it there .this will also work for the recorder

Heyyyyyyyyyy it worked....thanks a ton !!

thanking you all.

Heyyyyyyyyyy it worked....thanks a ton !!

thanking you all.

'Great glad to have helped .Good luck :)
So SP2 only remove the shourtcuts to these programs and not the program !

So SP2 only remove the shourtcuts to these programs and not the program !

No - she actually DID lose the programs after installing SP2 - she said she had to copy them from a collegue's computer to put them back on. Not trying to be a smart @$$ or insulting, I just didn't want people getting the wrong idea.

The calc.chm file is the help index file for the calculator. It needs to go in C:\WINDOWS\Help and will be found there on any Windows XP computer, and you will also need the calc.hlp file in that same folder, if you want to do the file replacement, like you did before. After doing that, you can try to put the check back in the Add/Remove Windows Components checkbox to get it to re-recognize calculator, if you want, like you did for Sound Recorder. You may get two calculator shortcuts if you do this, though, like one in your Start Menu, the other in the All Users one. If that happens, just go to C:\Documents and Settings\your user name\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories and delete that calculator shortcut. The other will remain because it's in the All Users start menu. Good luck.

This is one more reason to do at least one full backup. I was able to go to my backup and pull the calc.exe when mine went missing.

I found this just today and it was helpful, 5 years after it stated. My calculatr, sound recorder and games were all missing. They are all back in the right place on the start menu. Thanks everyone.

D you happen to have a solution to restore the CALC.exe back into my Quickbooks 2010?
Thanks for any advice.

If it's a problem with Quickbooks, I'd say uninstall it from your Add/Remove Programs section of your Control Panel, then re-install it from its CD. You can also contact Intuit for help at 888-222-7276 or http://support.quickbooks.intuit.com/Support/ContactSupportStep1.aspx.

If it's an issue with the Windows calc.exe, copy it from C:\Windows\system32\calc.exe on a computer where it works to the same place on the one where it doesn't. Good luck.