Hi Guys,

I am working on a review of product RegistryEasy.
Its a registry fix software which repair PC errors and Maintain Your PC Completely with an Efficient and Reliable Tool.
If anybody used it please share your experience with it.
I will publish it in my website.


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Registry cleaners can easily bork ones pc and I reckon they should be left alone :)

Hi ,

I am not agree with you.
It helps me many a time when my computer was slow and it helps it to boost and speed it up..Its a nice tool which means you need not to format you system again.


So, a tool that allows one to never reformat ones pc ever again :-/ . Must be worth a fortune :).
I've seen plenty of pc's that will not boot after having registry tools run. You must be lucky.

over 3.5 million downloads ,it don't need a review !
maybe you should load on some of the nastier trojans out there, ,run scan and get it to fix you computer and then you will have something to add to your review , i ran scan it found 1725 error i ran ccleaner reg scan it found 25,if i my test computer running i would have let it fix them just to see what would happen!
I can say with almost 100% certainty that this or any registry program would not have helped me fix[avoid formatting] the 50 or so computer that i have to format in the past year

I have just ran it last weekend with hesitancy being every time I try one of these registry programs, they seem to cause more harm than good and it has bricked the HD. I usually try one twice a year and have the same problem. Please note - I'm not saying that this isnt a good program as others have posted great results in other posts, but for me, I don't seem to have the greatest luck and still have the best results reformatting every 6 months for a fresh start.

At this point, I'm trying to find a way to load RegistryEasy from the command prompt (at boot-up being windows cannot load) with attempts to restore the back-up registry file.

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