Hello all hopefully you can help, I tried googleing it but found no clear answer.

I ran a system recovery on this older Gateway its from about 2005 and runs on Windows XP. After doing the recovery it showed no local area connection, I was able to download some network drivers from Gateway.com.

Now it shows the local area connection but it says limited or no connectivity. When I diagnose the problem it says the network did not assign a network address to the computer.

When I hit repair, it says renewing your IP address but it doesn't work. It says Windows could not finish repairing the problem.
The ethernet is going from the modem to the wireless router. The same connection was working on another computer and the wireless is working on this computer now.
Does anyone know if I need to download something else or what?

What router?
Are you connecting to the proper port on the router?
Is there a light showing at the ethernet to computer connection?

OK well I got it working, I just hooked it up directly. And I downloaded some more stuff from the Gateway web site and it seems fine now. Thanks all.