Hi, I recently got 2 GB of DDR-SDRAM and an NVIDIA GeForce AGP graphics card. My processor is 2.5 Ghz (Uniprocessor), but I think it runs slow. At my school, there are uniprocessor pcs which run faster. They have less RAM and slower CPUs too. I don't know why this is happening, but how could I optimize my processor without overclocking it.

My computer specs (not updated on my profile, I'm going to later):
MS Windows XP SP2
Intel Celeron 2.5 Ghz CPU
NVIDIA GeForce 6200

I have attached a list of my processes from windows powershell. It looks like crap in notepad, so open it in ConText or something. My computer has recently been cleaned out (dust and stuff), so I know that's not the problem.

A) for games an AGP 6200 is pretty useless but for general stuff its okay
B) Celerons are very poor. They have very little cache memory. To a certain extent, the cache is more important than the clockspeed.
C) Its probably just full of junk, reinstall?

Not unless you buy a better CPU. Thats why the celerons are cheap, they have like half to a quater of the cache of a pentium (on the other end, the server-class Xeon cpus have about double the cache of a pentium)

The cache is like very fast (but very expensive) ram built into the cpu itself.

It holds what is currently being worked on.

its no good if you can work on something very fast but can only do a little at a time, you know?