This happens on two different PC:
win2000pro english, SP3.
Every 2 or 3 days, win2000 hang.

This hang is very strange, because is not an hardware hang but surely is software.

System is working good for 1-2 days, then occasionally, in different situations, some program don't close his windows, don't minimize when i press minimize button, don't appear when I switch from one prg to another and so on.
When this situation starts, in about 20/30 seconds I'm able to do less and less things, up to I can do nothing more.
The only thing that continue do work is ALT-TAB that show task-switch-panel, but when i release TAB, the selected prg don't show his window.
The mouse too is working, and I can give focus to different windows.

At this point, the only thing I can do is a hardware reset.

If I leave the PC unattended for 5-10 days, it continue to work correctly, but just when I start to use it, it hangs in the first 5 minutes. It seems that the bug (or virus) is waiting for me to start to hang my machine.

Strange things is:
It hangs every 2-3 days, not before, not after. I have to reset PC every 2 or 3 days.

The "hang" is starting with little happenings, and become bad and bad in 20-30 seconds, up to hang all system.

It happens at the identical mode on 2 different machines.

Oh, I forgot: I scan system for viruses, but no virus found.
I use AVG antivirus from, updated.

Someone has suggestion?

thank you so much.

PS: I installed now SP4, I'll see if it resolve.

bye, Luca

can you tell me more about your system?

Ok, my system (both the same) is:

MB MSI with athlon 1800+ with good fan
Video Radeon 9000 with vr. driver
Trust optical ps/2 mouse with vr. 1.3 driver
Two IDE hard disk (40+120) IBM and Samsung.
One Network card 3com 3C905C-TX
512 MB ram

win2000 pro english SP4
AVG antivirus vr. free 6.0
emule 0.30b
some other applications (If close the PC hangs anyway).

I installed SP4 last yesterday, on SP3.
This message I wrote 2 times, because PC hangs in the middle.
(I was writing, I minimized Opera, right-click on destop to obtain the menu to view video card properties, and during this operations, PC begin to hang)
This time, mouse has stopped too. (sometimes 1 on 10, mouse too hangs).

I resetted, and now I know the PC will continue to work correctly for about 1 day.

give me an idea, please!!



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