After sometime on the computer, the side scroll bar starts to move up and down all by itself. I do not touch the mouse or anything else. Its does nots matter what product I am in or even if on the internet. For some reason it just starts to scroll down the page of its own accord. If you use your mice and try to move back up the page to where you were it is difficult and it only takes over and scrolls back down again. I have no viruses and have adware. The only way to stop it is shut down the system and start again. HOPE YOU CAN ASSIST soon.

That is pretty odd.

Have you tried reinstalling your mouse drivers or tried using a different mouse and/or keyboard?

Thanks for that but there is no problem with the mouse. I use a notebook so the keypad is still the same and has no problem there either.

Ah... I was going to ask if it was a notebook. What does it have for built-in pointing devices; is it touchpad-only, or a touchpad/trackpoint combo?

Sometimes touchpads will move the mouse around by themselves. And if you have that little sidebar on your touchbar for scrolling up and down, that might be messed and causeing your problem.

Yup- that's pretty much where I was headed.

I did have a client a while ago who had something similar happening- it turned out that she was occasionally resting her palm on her touchpad's (overly-sensitive) scroll/slider button while she was typing... :cheesy:

It is an IBM notebook. I have a wirless Microsoft intellimouse explorer 2.0 and I have the touchpad and trackpoint (red thing) that are set up for use any of the three options (which I understand it acceptable).

What do you think?

Well I can assure you that I am NOT BLONDE so I haven't rested my palm on the notebook but I good thought for those who are silly.

Anyway the idea of turning off the tough items on the notebook and just having the mouse used sounds like a good thought. As it may be getting confused even though it is allowable in the setup of the pointers.

Thanks so far guys I will turn off all except the mouse and see what happens.

In the meantime if you come accross anything that is a problem in the IBM notebook that may cause this problem do write. Ta

You can definitely have all three of those devices enabled at the same time, but because all functions of each pointer are simultaneously active, something like a faulty/sticky/overly-sensitive function key associated with the trackpoint or touchpad could cause the behaviour you're experiencing even though you might be using the mouse as your primary pointing device.

On the IBMs you should be able to use the IBM-supplied laptop configuration utility to disable the trackpoint and/or touchpad; try disabling those one at a time to see if you can determine if one of them is the root of the problem.


Looks like we were posting at the same time... Let us know what you find out from selectively disabling things.


If it's a real mouse, there is dirt inside it.