We have a Dell laptop running Windows XP, SP3 and Internet Explorer 8. The previous URLs visited keep disappearing after going to another website. I checked Tools/Internet Options/Browsing History and "Delete browsing history on exit" is not checked, so I don't know what is causing this.

We have another Dell laptop running the same IE8 and that doesn't happen.

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Are you sure you do not have some other program running that clears tempory IE and Windows logs and history? Like for me I run a windows washer program that will clear my history every so often.

Also have you checked this:
Internet options | general tab | click on settings under browsing history and take a look at the bottom. You should see something about the number of days to keep history. If it is set to 0 than change it to like 30 or something.


I have the same problem. All settings are fine. I still have my older history - before upgrading from IE7 to IE8. But after the upgrade - history is not beeing saved anymore....


I solved the problem. The hard drive got corrupted and I couldn't boot the computer. So Dell sent a replacement hard drive and the CD to restore Windows XP and it included IE7. I will stick with that version for now.

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