Hi, I was using my computer surfering the web as I was doing my paper. THen suddendly it froze, i thought because i left it on an hour or two too long. I suddently heard the hard drive like it was loading something. I forced restart (button not a + c +del). It restarted then it loaded BIOS, but it suddendly said ERROR LOADING OS. Right before where the Windows Loading Screen should be. I need the files from my computer really badly because I have my final paper in it and other personal files. Is there anyway to get the files and reformatting is my final option.

80 gig hard drive
About 6 months old computer, hand built.

if you have the windows cd boot from it abd try to use it to repiar it (google for it ive never doen it before - it can reinstall some of the system files from the CD if they have become corrupted)

if not it sounds like either windows or your whole HDD is broken


Hmmm you said """""THen suddendly it froze, i thought because i left it on an hour or two too long"""""

My 7 Computer's in my office run 7 days a week and 356 days a year you must not worry about leaving it on too long.

I would start by switching the PC on and pressing the DEL key to get into the Bios. Then find Load Optimized defaults or Load Defaults and click on it.

press F10 to save and see if it boots.

If Not restart again and keep pressing the F8 key until the Safe Mode Screen appears ...... choose safe mode and try and load the system.

Is the hard drive making a clicking noise when you start the PC ?

If these options fail to help you can remove the Hard Drive and install it as a SLAVE on another PC and see if you can save you files you need to this PC. Reformat and then copy your files back once you have reinstalled the XP operating system.

South Africa

I can't even boost the OS, so no safemode for me.:mad: I have doing the "R" repair thing with the Window CD before, but I don't think it'll work this time since it doesn't say where the error is. I believe it's the actual hard drive is broken it's an old hard drive I savaged from another computer. I'll try some of Darren's tips later I have a paper to write not I'd probably post if it works or not Wednesday night. -_- I'm so luck to have a back up laptop....lucky wtf

try the repiarmode thing as that sort of error can be caused if the MBR becomes corupted

It sounds like your OS or HD has died. You could try downloading Knoppix (Yes I know this is a windows-forum). You can boot knoppix from CD and see if your HD is still (sort of) alive. You can even make a backup of your drive.


If none of this works, ya could always hook up the hard drive as a slave on another computer...

uhh what do I do after I download it? Should I rar it or leave it alone?


burn the iso (disk image) to a cdr using something like "DeepBurner" (free)

I didn't get an ISO when I downloaded it 0_o I downloaded like random files, I got a rar file and other stuff. I have Nero... -_- I'm so n00b it's not even funny


Here's a link to Knoppix5.iso on a FTP. It's 700 mb so it'll take a while to download.
With Nero:
Start Nero Burning rom
Click 'open'
find the ISO you downloaded
Click BURN

Then put the CD in your broken computer, an boot it.
If knoppix doesn't start you need to change your boot-order. If you don't know how, please post yout biostype (award, phoenix or whatever) and we'll help you with it.
Let knoppix start, this will take a while since it's loaded from CD.

thank you so much!!! It worked I'm transfering my old files into my slave drive. =] It didn't work before cuz I thought I had nero but I had sonic on my laptop. I installed nero and it read it as an ISO instead of RAR which is weird. The only problem it the OS is deutch downloading the english one now!! Thanks again. =]
Last question should I format my hard drive and use it again and take the chance or get a new one? I'm looking at seagate with a glare

The only problem it the OS is deutch

Whoops.. sorry about that, I took the link from my 'favorites' and since I talk German as " good" as English...

should I format my hard drive and use it again and take the chance or get a new one?

Well, you could always try it, but since you said that you salvaged it from an old ocmputer it will probably always be the weakest link in your computer. HD's aren't that expensive anymore.

i just pickeced up a samsung spinpoint 7200 rpm 250gb Sata II HDD for £55 inc. tax and delivery - HDD's are cheap nowadays.

-_- Correction: I can't transfer my master data to my slave data. I'm gonna hook up a DVD-R so, I can burn files with my DVD-RW.
But, yeah, I'll just go buy a new one. Hopefully cheap.