Is there a pointer or setting that can ban all access to an ip from windows 98?

This is not a network computer.

It seems that a fault in Netscape has done something to keep this machine from accessing one IP that is sorely needed. access is impossible in all applications including email. Have tried IE and FTP but no good.

The IP is up and running as it is accessible to everyone else.

Any ideas?


This is not a network computer.

Erm, wouldn't that beg the question of how it is able to reach any sites at all?? :cheesy:

It seems that a fault in Netscape has done something to keep this machine from accessing one IP

Can you give us any clues as to why you think it was something Netscape did? Give us as much info/background on the issue as possible.

- What errors do you get when you try to reach the site through the applications you mentioned?

- Can you reach the site in question if you try to get to it using its IP address as opposed to its URL? For example, putting the following in Netscape's location/address bar will take you to Google:

- One place where URLs can be mapped to a "null" location (or otherwise redirected) is in the C:\Windows\hosts file. When you try to reach a site by its URL, Windows will consult the entries in the hosts file to determine the site's actual IP address before it looks to your DNS servers for that information. Open the hosts file in Notepad; aside from some comment lines at the beginning of the file, it should contain only the following entry: localhost


This is not a network computer.

I simply ment it's not on a local network of any kind.

I use IE for most browsing purposes and have it set as default. Netscape is used when I need to be on multiple sites becuase the tabed browsing uses fewer resources than multiple instances of the browser.

The problem started when Netscape decided to TAKE over as default. I don't know exactly when that happened so can't say what I was doing at the time to cause it. However, for 3 days IE didn't pick up on the fact and so wouldn't let me set it as default again. during that time I could access any site i wished except those on the IP I most needed. There were no errors given in NS and IE just gave me a cannot be found message.

Yesterday, IE finally realized it had lost control and asked to be default again. Oh Joy! Now i can access the sites again but only as long as I leave NS off. As soon as i start NS the site is unaccessible again.

I have reinstalled and updated NS. That didn't help.

The file C:\Windows\hosts is blank.....? No comments and no localhost.

Just in case it matters... I use NS mail

NS v7.2
IE v6

Outlook and OE are installed as well but not used.

for both email and ftp they just timed out no errors given