I am the computer tech at my company and I have a question. I have a user named Virginia who has been given the task of checking the email account of not only her own email account but of an email account set up for her whole department. Her PC is running Windows XP and her Outlook is version 2003. The exchange server is Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition and the Exchange is Exchange Server 2003.

I have already set up both email accounts and made her Outlook show both of the email accounts when she opens up her Outlook. It all works fine but one little detail. When she sends an email out it the To: field always says Viginia's name. I need it to say the name of the department. This is because the customers who are receiving the email are expecting it to say that it is from the parts department, not her name. They may not recognize her name (since they never talk to her) and delete it. I can tell the parts guys to tell the customers to expect her name on it but I don't think they will remember to tell the customers.

If you can't figure it out it is not that big of a deal. They can get by with it that way. But I would like to fix it if I can. Thank you in advance for any help you can give.


out it the To: field always says Viginia's name.

You mean the "From:"-field? If so: when you write a new mail, klick on the "From:"-button and enter the adress that you want your customers to see.