I have a question if anyone could help I would really appreciate it. In our office we have XP and we installed SP2. After the install is finished we tried to run window updates and we got the 0x800a0046 error. So we went out on the web and found the fix for that where you enter this long command in the command prompt. It starts out sc sdset wuauserv........PU). It fixed some of the computers but not the others.

The ones that you entered the code in the command prompt would either said success or failure. So the computers that didn't work would scroll down and say do you want help with this query Y or N. When you looked in the command prompt under the C: directory sdset isn't in the directory. Does anybody know how to fix this issue.

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You may have to uninstall sp2. Should be under add remove. Did you download it or get the cd? Make sure all your drivers are up to date. The maker of your computer should have thoes for you. I would uninstall sp2 then make Sure drivers are up to date. Get the cd. Its free takes about a week to get. sp2 can be a bear to install and still make your computer behave. I only got mine to work after a clean install of xp and used the cd of service pack 2. Just a few ideas. Hope that helps? If not ask again.

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