I updated XP with service pack 2. No apparent problems except in Windows Explorer under the windows header there are now a number of files in blue. Most are text files with 0kb but some are descriptors of the install process, most with the $ prefix. Can these tbe deleted or are they necessary for the process funtions??



They are files which are used if the Service Pack gets uninstalled. If space is a problem with them present, the best course of action is to add more hard drive space to your PC!

If space is not an issue, then such files do not effect system performance, and can be safely left.

If it is merely their presence which offends you and makes you feel compelled to remove them, then perhaps you need some other activity to keep you occupied?

In short, yes they can be safely removed. If you do remove them, you'll not be able to uninstall the updates which have been added to your PC. They do no harm, and are not really part of the general 'dross' which can build up on your PC and slow it down. Painstakingly and m,eticulously removing everything which you don't see a use for is not necessarily the best approach to maintaining a Windows system, and if you find that you are constantly removing files to allow you to continue computing then you definitely do not have enough storage space.

learn something new everyday ,i just found out what a windows header was !LOL

Thanks for the reply..... Figured that was what they were but not quite sure. I have no problem with disc space so they stay. Nice subtle sarcasm, too... Kinda like marriage without the good stuff!!! The assistance is much appreciated!!!!!

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah... so I made it up. Just like my life... :)