My computer - Windows XP Pro - Athlon 64 3400 - 1GB RAM - Maxtor Serial ATA 80GB - Radeon 9800

The last time i remember using my computer i shut it down properly and all was working well. When i came to turn my computer on again it reached to loading Windows XP and then restarted itself. When it loaded again it appeared with a message telling me that windows was not shut down properly last time and gave the option of - Starting in Normal Mode

-Last Known Settings that worked

- Safe Mode

I chose last known settings that worked and when it tried to load windows again it restarted itself. All I could do was start up in safemode. I was advised to re install windows. So when i started it up in safe mode i loaded up the Windows XP CD-ROM. Windows began to re install itself when it reached to 'Installing Devices' a blue screen appeared for a secound and the computer restarted again. When loading up again, the computer now only tries to install windows using the CD-ROM and reaches the same step of installation, blue screens then restarts.

I can now do nothing. All my computer does is try to install windows and restarts itself.

Please can someone help me!!!! The only thing i can think of is to completely wipe/format the hard drive but i am not able to do this as i cannot load up anything.


P.S I think the blue screen says something about hardware and about changing BIOS but i cannot read it all as it only stays for a secound.

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Hmm, is it possible this problem could be hardware related? If it's doing it in the setup too...

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