I'm using ie6,mozilla firebird and netscape 4.1.I'm receiving continuous pop-ups with empty white windows from nowhere.How I block annoying pop-ups?
There are also some annoying spyware like mysearch.com that hijacks your homepage and etc.Where do I get some free spy-sweeper and pop-up blocker?

The Google toolbar for IE has a really good built-in popup blocker. That's what I use. Other web browsers (i.e. Mozilla) include popup blockers as well, I believe. Adaware seems to be the program everyone uses to catch spyware. I never tried it myself.

I don't know which google built in pop-blocker you are talking about.I just downloaded and ran this thing called " free pop-up blocker" from download.com and it says that there is something called trojan.wpr in my c:\program files\swpr\web.dll
This swpr don't exist in my start>program files but do in my c:\program files.
I went there and after opening it I saw an yellw folder called data,an application extension with an image of a gear/nutsandbolts init called "web.dll",two icons looking like my mozilla firebird named "download and "read me" respectively,an icon with a question-mark in it called "web-page recorder" and an icon of a trashcan with a cross init called "blazing tools uninstall program."
I believe there's nothing really wrong with it.But...if I open the yellow data folder i see hundreds of wmd files and the scan results say there is "modification of trojan kaskad.1217".Under the title " Threat or virus" of this pop-up blocker,it says " trojan.wpr" and "modification of trojan.kaskad.1217."Then there is something called " Gmt.exe" running as an application everytime my xp starts and the scan says it's " COM.TSR.VIRUS"
I'm confused about deleting them becuase they are attached wid my explorers and etc...

ok so the scan's finished and it has given the results.But to clean or sweep them,the software asks me to connect and register and so on which means that's not possible.This is the result:

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now,how do I get rid of 'em myself or by some other programs.Once there was a guy who helped me with an online virus check but I can't seem to be able to find that post damn.

I need immidiate help I got a virus maybe from a site that keeps opening up my cd drive can someone plz post here a free trojan/spyware cleaner? I tried one but that couldn't delete anything jus finding..and that online virus checker too..my comp is a mess now

Ok I got pop-up stopper pro and now everytime and just try to open my ie this popup stopper closes it because I think my browser has been hijacked by
everytime I open my ie the homepage loads as that site.

which program can delete a browser hijacker?