i dont know if i have the correct drivers. I have windows 2000 installed on my compaq presario 700. everthing works but the sound card. volume control sems to work but i still get no sound. does anyone know the exact chip set of the presario 700 (version with 1.2Ghz AMD athlone4) Compaq only gives me XP drivers. where can i find the corect drivers?

I went to the compaq website and found that the compaq 700 series are notebooks, is this correct?

I take it it's an onboard soundcard then, correct? Often, 2000/XP drivers are the same for sound cards, etc.

I have windows 2000 installed on my compaq presario 700. Everthing works but the sound card. Where can I find the correct drivers?

The VIA site http://www.viaarena.com/?PageID=2 has the newest Hyperion drivers (formerly known as 4-in-1). These are probably much newer than your Compaq drivers and are dated 5/20/03. VIA drivers are universal, and will work fine with your KN133 chipset. The sound system is AC '97, in other words, integrated into the chipset. They also have support forums.

Let us know if this helps. You could also try a Knoppix CD as a cross-check...

knoppix is cd linux...why is this a cross check?

I own one of these laptops and one of the things I did was called Compaq and ordered the set of 3 "Quick Restore" CD's. It was probably one of the best things I could ever have done for this machine. You can still order these from Compaq even if your machine is out of warranty. There are three CD's that have you install the OS in a sucession. 1, then 2,then 3. It doesn't take a long time to do it either. This will restore the Computer back to factory default settings like it was out of the box and all of the drivers for everything will be loaded.

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