I understand the difference between resources and RAM on earlier versions of windows but am I correct to beleive that XP does not have the resource restrictions (16bit/ 64K) of the earlier versions of windows. I ask this because I have one machine running 98se on a 1 gig proc. and 128 RAM that hangs up all the time with large spreadsheets, I can't even fill the cells as far as I need to. (200 coumns and 65K rows). SOOO I bought a bigger machine, 2.8 ghz proc. 1.5 gig ram Serial HD 800 Mhz bus etc. (both machines have 80 gig HD's) the new one is running XP and I get the same error message at the same time when attempting to fill about the 100th column down half way, the message is "cannot complete with available resources"

Is there anything I can do to get around this. The spreadsheet was designed to be 24 times the size I am able to fill to, so it is nowhere near what I want it to be. Is there another spreadsheet program that will work properly? Also I just put office XP on the new machine, but did not register it yet (since I may return the machine) will that make a difference?

thanks in advance