Hi when I start up my pc the display is normal (Windows XP) however once it switches over to users or the desktop the display flips onto its side. The background picture, icons and taskbar are lying on its side and dragging the taskbar doesn't help either. Turning the monitor does but that isn't a solution either.

I've downloaded the latest anti-virus, anti-spam software, redid my registery but no luck. I've search the Control Panel Display options nothing there, I've tried the buttons on my monitor nothing there either.

Has anyone seen or heard of this before and can someone please assist me with this problem?



Check your display driver control panel for an option like "Swap Aspect Ratio" or landscape/portrait icons. That would be the likely cause.

Hi DavidRyan

Thanks for the advice but I managed to solve the problem last night just by selecting ALT + CRL + up arrow, as simple as that.