Does anyone know how i could make a bootable backup copy of my winxp?Just copying is easy, but my copies are not bootable, so they just end up in the bin.

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Use a better copying program?

Any backup copies I've made have worked just fine, whether they were created with Nero or with CloneCD. You're actiually using a CD copy routine, are you, and not just dragging/dropping the CD contents from one drive to another?

Don't see why all that is necessary, Laser, when a straightforward disk cloning program will do the trick!

Mainly to include service pack 1 or 2 as my original xp pro has no service packs; and also if i recall correctly when i tried backing up with Nero or clonecd or cdrwin i always ended up with a cd that wouldn't boot or prompted for files from the a: drive. Must have missed a setting or something; all i know is Bart's way worked for me first shot and i don't have to immediately update on a reload cuz i'm going directly to XP Pro SP2.

P.S. I'm one of those people that ' if it ain't broke, tweak it!' I don't use System Restore and my best cure for any computer headache is a clean install.

People who adopt the "if it ain't broke, tweak it" are usually the ones who HAVE to format and install when things go wrong ;)

Guilty as charged. :) I've found that XP is extremely stable, even when tweaked and I haven't had to reload in over a year.

Probably shouldn't have said that :eek:

I forget the exact terminology for it, but you can do a technique called "slipstreaming" to include service packs, applications, or other items into the standard Windows installation media. Try doing a Google search for that.

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