Alright so yesterday I go to sign on and it cuts off by itself shortly after. When I turned it back on, it had to scan something, I believe it said a system disk, and it said it had to do it in order to "check for consistency". Once the desktop came up it said something along the lines of, one of the files containing the system data or system memory was lost, and it had to use a copy or log to make another one, and that it was successful.

Now today when I went to start it up around a minute after the desktop came up, it would completely lock up. If I tried to open up anything, I would hear a beep, the cursor would freeze and the only thing I could do was restart it by holding the power button down a few seconds. I'd say it happened around 6 or 7 times before I could get it working fully.

I'm thinking I may have an idea of what the problem is. See we've been having a big problem with the power cords, they don't seem to last very long and we usually wind up having to replace them after a few months. A power cord that we just got off of ebay was having problems immediately after we got it, having to wiggle it or hold it in place to keep it on.

Our friend who is currently staying at our house has a laptop and his power cord wasn't working for him, so we used it on ours and it did work, so we decided to just use that one and he would get another one for his. The problem is we're not sure if the power cord is compatible with the laptop. Some websites said it was, but at least one website didn't say either way.

So my question is, would using the wrong type of power cord cause these types of errors? If not, what do you think the problem could be?

May be..!! If as you say that many power chords don't last long..why don't you have the Laptop itself checked at a service center for internal power related issues...