I was trying to install a new printer on an existing print server that housed another printer and now my print spooler won't stay on.

I've gone in now several times and turned it on but it keeps going back off within about a min.

Can anybody help with this?

Seen this before and forget what I did, Try going into printers and faxes uninstall the print drivers you are not using. Right click the white space in printers and fax's goto server properties to uninstall. Also is there anything in the event log?

We have the same problem. We had to move our printers to a new server (if you are lucky enough to have one) and then look for a hotfix from Microsoft. Did you check to make sure there wasn't some type of virus blocking it from starting?


Make sure that you install the printer drivers on your computer as well.... Install new printer .... select network printer .... find the printer and install drivers.... Make sure the printer is shared on the server so it can be seen on the network

hope this helps