I have an ASUS p5k-e motherboard. It's roughly about 2 years old...
I turned it off one day to clean it about 2 days ago and it didn't have a boot sequence.... I took everything out after the first unsuccessful boot process, but it still didn't boot.... My whole life is on that computer, I need it to work.... If someone needs the specs for it to help me then I'll get them for you since I don't know them off the top of my head. PLEASE HELP ME!!! T______T I really need it to work, if it doesn't I might as well say good bye to my college education.... U___U that's how important it is to me...

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check for any loss connection..make sure you didn't touch any jumper settings.. what are the symptoms.. beeping sound? or what..?


there isn't much of anything when I turn it on, there isn't anything, and then after a couple of seconds it will turn off and then it will turn back on do nothing for about 5 minutes and turn off, and no coming back on. No beeps, no input on the monitor. nothing, but everything is on, it just doesn't do anything...

I might not be the smartest person, but I know not to touch the jumpers.. >____> not saying that you were saying I am stupid...... er... oh crap i just confused myself..... i'm sorry....


during power on does the keyboard led's lits up?

try to reseat the connection of your PSU.. check if it will help..

check your power on switch...maybe it's toggling to on and off..

post back..


also check to see if you knocked the ram loose. i would suggest reseating it anyway. ram issues can cause the computer to turn on and literally do nothing... black screen, no beeps, etc.

however, the fact that you said it turns itself off then back on makes me think it's a bad power supply or bad connection. def check the power supply connection and reseat that as suggested. was your power supply making any funny noises prior to you turning the computer off an cleaning it?

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